Sand/Cement Screeds


Sand:Cement Site/Ready Mixed Floor Screeds (1mm, 4mm, 11mm or 24 Hours drying)

We install either factory batched ready mixed or site mixed floor screeds Nationwide. Our ready mixed traditional floor screeds boast excellent cement dispersion coupled with uniform compressive strength whilst our site mixed floor screeds are used in large scale commercial applications or in instances whereby perhaps accelerated drying of the floor screeding is of importance. We are able to loose tip ready mixed screed (direct from manufacturer batching plant) usually in 20 Tonne tipper wagons or alternatively site mix the floor screed and deliver the screed material via floor screed pump into working areas. Should access or site restrictions be an issue we can also wheel barrow floor screed into working areas.

Sand:Cement Fibre Floor Screeds (1mm per day drying)

Our fibre reinforced floor screeds are Ideal for use in hospitals, offices and general industrial applications, fibre floor screeds have been developed to meet the high demand for sand:cement floor screeding without the incorporation of a reinforcement metal type mesh such as A142 thereby offering cost savings to the end user. By incorporating an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres within the floor screeding we are able to effectively “super strength” the floor screed. PP fibres generally improve cohesion and control cracking or crazing caused by intrinsic stresses. We incorporate PP Fibres into the majority of our floor screeding systems as a general safeguard to screed failure.

Sand:Cement Fast Drying Floor Screeds (4mm per day drying)

Our rapid sand/cement floor screeds are suitable for all common floor finishes and allow for earlier trafficking (protection is required) or use of the floor space. Our rapid floor screeds are particularly common within fast track retail fit out contracts or in instances where floor finishes such a vinyl, LVT or perhaps wooden floor finishes need to be installed quickly. Fast drying screeds have a drying rate of generally 4mm per day and can accept light foot traffic after 2 Days.

Sand:Cement Rapid Setting Screeds (11mm per day or 24 hours drying)

Ideal for extremely tight programme deadlines whereby vinyl, LVT or perhaps wooden floor finishes require installation within perhaps weeks or days as appose to months, site mixed or ready-mixed, they can normally be site trafficked after several hours (dependent upon ambient temperatures) and are able to accept final floor finishes in some instances within 24 hours following the floor screeding installation. These types of floor screeds rely on an aluminium based cement to accelerate the hardening process.

Sand:Cement SBR Polymer Modified Screed (1mm per day drying)

Increased toughness, waterproofing and bond properties thanks to the inclusion of a synthetic polymer resin, our SBR floor screeds minimise shrinkage and cracking, moisture permeability is also reduced and flexural strength is greatly improved. Polymer modified floor screeds can provide higher performance at thinner levels when normal thicknesses would normally be problematic. SBR floor screeds can be installed to a minimum depth of 25mm (SBR Bonded). We normally install SBR floor screeds into wet areas, garages, pool surrounds or industrial applications.


Sand:Cement High Density Screeds (1mm, 4mm, 11mm per day drying)

Providing a higher strength and abrasion resistant finish usually mixed to 1:3, our high density floor screeds are effective in flooring applications which are going to be subject to heavy foot traffic and point loading. These floor screeds can either be bonded directly to the slab or placed onto thermal/acoustic insulation.

Sand:Cement Tarmac Cem-Screed (4mm per day drying)

A site mixed floor screed delivered into working areas through our specialist screed pumps or paddle mixers. Tarmac Cem Screed is a cost competitive alternative to the heavily specified Isocrete K Screed. Interior Screed are one of only a small number of installers partnered with Tarmac BP to install this alternative fail safe floor screeding product on a Nationwide basis. We have installed these floor screeds into a significant number of large scale commercial sites throughout the UK.


Liquid Screeds


Liquid Floor Screeds (1mm up to 40mm, 0.5mm per day thereafter)


Liquid floor screeds can be installed 10-20 times faster than conventional floor screeds however have limited use due to site restrictions. Liquid screeds deliver (within the right site application) an enhanced flexural strength. Delivered factory-produced, the floor screed is installed using our specialist worm pumps. Liquid floor screeding is ready for immediate application following preparation (tanking), utilising anhydrite or calcium sulphate it allows a rapid application rate of up to 2000m2 per day (in some instances). Drying of the floor screed however can be an issue and we highly recommend talking to one of our experts before selecting the specific type of floor screeding for your building project.

Normally accessible to foot traffic after 48 hours (dependent upon ambient temperatures) the floor screed material is self-compacting without segregation. There is a minimal need for movement joints (in some instances) and the screed material is protein free and will not harbour bacteria.  Soundness to category A according to BS 8204: Part 1 (BRE Screed Test). A class SR2 surface regularity (5mm in 3m length) when installed.


Floor Levelling Products

Self-Levelling Floor Screeds (11mm per day drying)


A self-smoothing compound designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths from 3 to 50mm. With an installation rate in some instances of up to 2000m2 per day this type of floor screed is an excellent solution should ceramic/vinyl need to be installed directly to a rough surface concrete floor slab.

Industrial Topping Coats (11mm per day drying)


Our range of smoothing compounds and floor toppings are especially suited for commercial and industrial floor screeding applications.  Both industrial grade, self-smoothing sub-layment floor base and toppings provide the ultimate application material for today’s busy industrial floor areas, such as warehouses and other heavily trafficked areas.